Standard Journal Functionality for Counter Journal

On the Counter Journal page you can create standard journal for your counters. Later, selected standard journal can be applied to the counter journal - to save time with selecting all needed records.

To create standard journal for counters - select Save as Standard Journal action. It will add to the standard journal all visible lines, or only these that are selected (on the counter journal).

Later you will need to specify the code and description of the standard counter journal.

  • you can select already existing standard journal - records will be overwritten
  • Save Relative Readings - select if you want to apply values from counters that are specified as a Relative counter type

Once created standard journal can be use to add records to the counter journal list. You just need to select standard journal with Get Standard Journals action.

You need to choose the journal from the list.

From that list you can edit existing standard journals.

Here you can specify Default Reading Value for each line. This value will be applied to the lines when the standard journal is applied. For Continuous counters default reading value will be added to the last counter reading.

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