Rename Identifier Service

Rename asset identifiers


It's possible to easily rename multiple assets using the 'Asset identifier rename service' to rename asset identifiers.

Rename Asset Identifiers

Using the functionality Asset identifier rename service you can rename asset identifiers.


  1. Go to System administration > Setup > License configuration.
  2. From License configuration, enable the configuration key Dynaway Data Manipulation Toolbox.

Rename Asset Identifiers

  1. In Periodic > Assets > Rename assets, you will see the 'Rename assets' dialog.
  2. In the dialog, specify what the asset begins with and what the new prefix should be.
    • Example: Asset identifiers that start with 'rename' will be prefixed with 'test-' which results in the asset identifier 'rename1' will become 'test-rename1'. See screenshot 01 below for reference.
  3. Click OK to apply your changes.


  • There is a validation if the renamed asset identifier doesn't exceed the maximum allowed asset identifier character length.
  • If a record fails the validation, it will be skipped during the identifier rename operation.

01: 'Rename assets' dialog.
01: 'Rename assets' dialog.

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