AM Analytics - Add new entities from SW Biz USA for 2401 release

Analytics - Added Data Entities for Counters, Faults, Projects, Maintenance Request Types and Base Workers

The following Dynaway data entities have been added to the Analytics solution replacing Microsoft data entities in this way:

  • DynBIAMAssetCounterEntity (AM BI Counters)
  • DynBIAMFaultAreaEntity (AM BI Fault areas)
  • DynBIAMFaultCauseEntity (AM BI Fault causes)
  • DynBIAMFaultRemedyEntity (AM BI Fault remedies)
  • DynBIAMFaultSymptomEntity (AM BI Fault symptoms)
  • DynBIAMFaultTypeEntity (AM BI Fault types)
  • DynBIAMModelEntity (AM BI Models)
  • DynBIAMProjectEntity (AM BI Projects)
  • DynBIAMProjectGroupEntity (AM BI Project groups)
  • DynBIAMRequestTypeEntity (AM BI Maintenance request types)
  • DynBIAMWorkerBaseEntity (AM BI Base workers)

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