Hour registrations disappear in mobile after completing work order with update conflict error

Mobile - Fixed Completing Work Order with Hour Journals Registered in Closed Fiscal Period

A bug has been fixed when completing work order with hour journals registered in closed fiscal period and registered hours validation enabled in work order lifecycle state setup. Now, when registered hours validation is enabled (with "Error" type) and the user has registered all hour journals in closed fiscal period, then during attempt to complete the work order and post journals, the mobile client will display a message that posting journals is not possible because of closed fiscal period, and the work order will not be completed.

{+}Important note{+}: when you have a setup on any work order lifecycle state in which the "Active" parameter is not checked and the "Registered hours" parameter is checked with "Error" validation type, then you should change the number sequences used for expense project journals from continuous to not-continuous. Otherwise you would observe "The record already exists" error when opening "Work order journals" form which uses standard project journals. The issue is caused by standard Microsoft code related to releasing number from number sequence when transaction is rolled back because of error.

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