EAM Analytics - Add new entities from SW Biz USA for 2401 release

Analytics - Added Data Entities for Counters, Faults, Projects, Request Types and Base Workers

The following Dynaway data entities have been added to the Analytics solution:

  • MROBIFaultAreaEntity (EAM BI Fault areas)
  • MROBIFaultCauseEntity (EAM BI Fault causes)
  • MROBIFaultRemedyEntity (EAM BI Fault remedies)
  • MROBIFaultTypeEntity (EAM BI Fault types)
  • MROBIModelEntity (EAM BI Models)
  • MROBIObjectCounterEntity (EAM BI Counters)
  • MROBIProjectEntity (EAM BI Projects)
  • MROBIProjectGroupEntity (EAM BI Project groups)
  • MROBIRequestTypeEntity (EAM BI Request types)
  • MROBIWorkerBaseEntity (EAM BI Base workers)

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