Counter Registration

Create and manage Counter Readings on Assets


An Asset can only have one Counter.

Counters can be used in Work Order Plans to create reactive maintenance Work Orders based on Counter readings.


You have completed Counter Setup.

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Counters - EAM for Business Central

Register a Counter Reading

  1. On the Counters list, select the Counter you want to make a registration on.
  2. Select the Register Reading button on the Counters list or select Actions > Register Reading.
  3. Select a Posting Date.
  4. Enter the counter value in the Reading Value field.
  5. Select Yes to save the registration.

You can create registrations on multiple Counters at the same time in the Counter Journal.
You can also create counter registrations from the Asset Card.

Counters Page

1 Counter-based maintenance. Use asset running hours to determine when a work order triggers the next time. When the asset is used less, then the need for maintenance decrease, and vice versa.
2 Register Counter Reading. Manually enter a counter reading. It's also possible to import counter readings through our API and [Counter Registration Journal](?page=70479617 "Opens the Counter Registration Journal Page.").
3 Show Counter Readings. Inspect all readings for the counter readings in list. The list allows you to cancel a counter reading. Counter readings are also shown in the Fact Box for easy access.
4 Mount Counter. Mount the counter to an asset to support counter-based work order plans.
5 Counter Chart. Graph showing counter readings for a time period.
6 Last Counter Reading. Wondering why the work order plans haven't triggered? Want to quickly see when the latest counter readings was added?

Register Relative Counter Readings

Counters can accept Continous / Absolute Counter Readings or Relative Counter Readings depending on which Counter Type has been set on each Counter.

  1. Continous Counter Type (default) - The user needs to enter an equivalent or higher value (compared to the latest reading) and user-entered values are seen as absolute values the aggregate (10, 20, 30) which is common when entering readings from a psysical counter.
  2. Relative Counter Readings - User-entered values are seen as relative changes that add to the last Counter Reading (+10, +5, +7, +4). This can be useful when driving a car ("I drove 20 km / miles in the company car"); the system automatically calculates the current value on the counter.

Counter Type has two limitations:

  1. Counter Type cannot be changed when it is used by one/many Counter Readings
  2. Counter Type cannot be set on the fly on the Counter Reading (only Asset Manager can determine the Counter Type, and only one Counter Type can be specified per Counter)

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