Setup required for working with Counter Registrations


Counters are mounted on Assets to track their information such as running hours, or distance usage to optimize the planning of Asset maintenance. You can set up your own Counter Categories to fit the exact information you need to collect on your Assets and start registering counter readings.

Set up Counter Categories and the Counters to be used for making Counter Readings.

Maintenance Manager

Counter Categories

Set up Counter Categories to be used when you set up Counters on Assets. The Counter Categories required depend on which Counter registrations are relevant for your Assets. Examples are Counter Categories for production hours, quantity produced, and kilometers.

Counter Categories are set up on Counters. One Counter Category can be used on several Counters. One Counter can be used on several Assets and Assets can have multiple counters mounted.

Counter Categories can also be set up when creating Counters. View the documentation to see how to create Counters.

  1. On your role center, select Work Orders Setup > Counter Categories.
  2. In the Counter Categories list, select the New button.
  3. Enter a Code, which is the unique code for the Counter Category.  
  4. Enter a Description for the Counter Category.
  5. Specify the Default Type (Continuous/Relative).
    • This type will be automatically applied to the counter when you are specifying a Counter Category Code on the newly created counter. You can always change the Type on the counter manually during this creation process.
  6. In the Trend Days field, enter the number of days to be used when expected values are calculated in EAM. Expected values are used to show the trend for future Counter registrations, based on actual Counter registrations.
  7. In the Maximum Daily Change field, enter the maximum number allowed per Counter per day. This is useful if you want to prevent faulty registrations on a Counter.
    1. Example: If you enter the number "8", you can register a maximum of 8 hours (or another unit) per day. This can be done by one registration (=8), or you can make several registrations, for example, 4 registrations of 2 hours on the same day.
    2. If you don't want to set a limit for daily registrations, enter zero "0" in this field, then you can register as many hours (or another unit) as you like.

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