Setup required for working with Documents


This section describes the setup tasks to be completed before you can manage Documents on Assets, Work Order Plans, and Work Orders.

Maintenance Manager

Set Up Document Storage

Refer to the Help topic Roles, Users, and Permissions for information about the permission sets required for working with assisted setup and data import in EAM-BC.

You have two storage options regarding documents:

  • Embedded: Select this option if you use small files. Files are saved in D365BC.
  • Azure Blob Storage: Select this option if you use large files. This option requires a blob storage account in Microsoft┬« Azure┬«. Additional costs are related to setting up a blob storage account.

Refer to Microsoft documentation regarding storage account options in Azure: Storage account overview.

Learn more about how to set up document storage in EAM-BC in this video: Set Up Document Upload.

  1. On your role center, select the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the screen > Assisted setup.
  2. In the Assisted Setup list > Advanced setup in Dynaway EAM section, select Set up documents upload.
  3. Select the Default Storage Provider.
  4. If you use Azure Blob Storage, provide storage account information in the Azure Storage section.
  5. Select Close to save the setup.

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