Downtime Entries

Get an overview of Downtime Registrations


You can get an overview of Downtime registrations created for an Asset.


Downtime registrations have been created.

Maintenance Manager, Technician

Entries List

The Downtime Entries list gives you an overview of the Downtime Registrations created for an Asset.

  1. On your Role Center, select Assets Tree (opens Assets Tree) or Assets (opens Asset List).
  2. Select the Asset you want see Downtime Entries for.
  3. Select Process > Downtime Entries. You see a list of all the Downtime Registrations related to the Asset.
  4. Select an Entry No. to open a Downtime Entry Card.
    1. Select a line and select one of the links - Asset No. or Plan No. or Work Order No. - if you want to open the related Asset Card, Work Order Plan, or Work Order.
    2. In the Related Work section, you see a list of the Work Orders and Work Order Plans that the Downtime Registration is related to.

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