Multiple Company Management

Manage maintenance work in EAM-BC in multiple companies


You can give access to Maintenance Employees to work in multiple companies in D365BC.


You have installed Dynaway EAM (EAM-BC) in the D365BC tenant that you want to manage company accounts in.

Sysadmin, Maintenance Manager

Manage Maintenance Work in Multiple Companies

In D365BC, you can manage work in multiple companies. This means you can provide access for Maintenance Employees to make registrations in multiple companies.

Refer to Microsoft documentation for information on how to Create New Companies in D365BC.

In the event that you have multiple companies under one license, and some of these are maintenance companies, you are able to control the accessibility of users if only maintenance employees should have access to maintenance companies. Maintenance companies can be set up in Tell me > Dynaway EAM License Information. Refer to the screenshot below. From Maintenance Companies, a list opens where you need to specify all of your maintenance companies. On the Users page, you can specify which maintenance employees have access to maintenance companies.

Setup of EAM-BC must be done in each company that you want Maintenance Employees to work in.

Here are a few examples for consideration if you set up Maintenance Employees to work with EAM-BC in multiple companies. We use two companies as examples, but you may have more, for example, several production sites with the same production equipment setup.

  • Use a similar setup for number sequences for Assets and Maintenance Items
    • Example: Asset numbering in company A and company B is set up using similar number sequences, only the prefix is different (A.00001-A.99999 and B.00001-B.99999). Asset numbers are easy to recognize, and the prefix tells you which company you are currently working in.
  • Use a similar setup for the Asset Tree structure
    • Referring to the example above, Asset numbering should be similar, apart from the prefix, and if the parent-child relation is similar in two companies, the tree structure should reflect that. This means maintenance employees can easily find Assets in a tree structure in any company setup.
  • Use a similar setup for creating Work Order Plans
    • As mentioned above, use similar number sequences in company A and company B for Work Order Plans.
    • We also recommend a similar setup for Work Order Categories and Work Order Priorities.

Set up Maintenance Company in Dynaway EAM License Information
Set up Maintenance Company in Dynaway EAM License Information
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