Manage and Register EAM-BC Licenses

In the Administration module, you set up and maintain license data, such as contact information and number of licensed users.

Dynaway offers different license plans for EAM-BC. Which license plan is most suitable for your business depends on your requirements for number for Users, Assets, and Work Orders, and additional functionality in EAM-BC.

License information for your EAM-BC solution is managed in Dynaway EAM License Information. To register a license

  1. In EAM-BC, search for "license".
  2. Select Dynaway EAM License Information. Here you get an overview of system and license information.
  3. Select one of the following options to register/manage your license:
    1. Select the Upload License File button if you already have a license file.
    2. Select the Update License button to acquire a license file.
    3. Select the Register button to register a free version of EAM-BC.

A free starter license for EAM-BC includes basic functionality for managing, for example, Users, Assets, Work Orders, Documents, and Dimensions.

Other licenses are required for extended numbers of Users, Assets, Work Orders, and additional features. In the table below, you see an overview of the additional features included in the paid license plans for EAM-BC.

License Plans and additional features included

Standard Premium Enterprise
Counters Counters Counters
Measurements Measurements Measurements
Maintenance Request Maintenance Request Maintenance Request
Scheduling Board* Scheduling Board* Scheduling Board*
Safe Work* Safe Work* Safe Work*
Failure Reporting Failure Reporting
Downtime Registration Downtime Registration
Fixed Asset Integration Fixed Asset Integration
Work Order Checklist Work Order Checklist
Resource Allocation
Item Planning

* Additional fee to be paid per user per month.

Note: If you delete your current license, the system automatically reverts to a free license.

The screenshot below shows the Usage and Modules overview. Here you can see which modules you have purchased, including the Licensed Quantity acquired for each module.

Module overview and Usage on Dynaway EAM License Information card
Module overview and Usage on Dynaway EAM License Information card