Install a free version of Dynaway EAM for Business Central.
Sysadmin, Partner Consultant

Get a Free Version

You can get a free version of Dynaway EAM when you have have installed Dynaway EAM for Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft AppSource.

To get an overview of our license plans, go to our website.

To register a free license in Dynaway EAM:

  1. In EAM-BC, search for and select Dynaway EAM License Information.
  2. Select the Register button in the ribbon.
  3. Fill out the fields in the Request Free License for Dynaway EAM window.
  4. Select the Request Free License button to submit the request.

A free license is valid for 6 months. After that, you must register again if you want to continue to use a free license.

Watch this video to learn more about Getting started with a free version.

Prepare a Demo Database

Learn how to set up a Demo company in Dynaway EAM for Business Central.

NOTE: Preparing a demo database should ONLY be done by a system administrator or a system consultant.

  1. On Microsoft AppSource, search for "Dynaway", and install the following Dynaway apps:
    1. Dynaway EAM (the Dynaway Forms app is included here)
    2. Dynaway Requests
    3. Dynaway Safe Work
    4. Dynaway Scheduling Board
  2. Acquire a license file with full functionality (valid for a limited period) from Dynaway by sending an email to
  3. In EAM for Business Central, press Alt+Q on your keyboard to open the search field.
  4. Search for and select Dynaway EAM License Information.
  5. On the Dynaway EAM License Information card, select the Upload License File button, and upload the license file you received. When the license file is uploaded, you can create a demo company.
    1. Note that if you already have Assets in an existing company setup in Dynaway EAM for Business Central, you cannot create a demo company.
  6. In Business Central, press Alt+Q on your keyboard to open the search field.
  7. Search for and select Companies.
  8. In the Companies list, select New > Create New Company to create a new - demo - company, using a wizard.
  9. In the Create New Company wizard, select Next.
  10. Enter a Name for your company and ensure that "Production - Setup Data Only" is selected in the Select the data and setup to get started field.
    1. Note that we use the US version, which includes all General Ledger accouts that do not require additional G/L setup. We have not tested posting functionality in other country versions.
  11. Complete the wizard.
  12. In EAM for Business Central, select Settings (the cogwheel button in the upper-right corner of the screen) > My Settings.
  13. In the Company field, select the company you just created and select OK.
  14. Search for and select Dynaway EAM License Information.
  15. Select the 'More' button (...) > Actions > Create Demo Company.
  16. In the pop-up window, select Yes.
  17. In the Demo Company Initial Setup drop-down, select "Food - Counters, Measurements,Requests,Safe Work" to get the complete setup.
  18. Select Next.
  19. In Edit - Job Queue Entries, select the record with Object ID to Run "70480335".
  20. Select the 'More' button (...) > Set Status to Ready.
  21. Repeat steps 19-20 for Object ID to Run "70479531".
  22. Select Close and then Set Workflows.
  23. Select New Workflow from Template.
  24. In the Maintenance group, select Work Order Permit.
  25. On the Workflow card, activate the Enabled toggle button.
  26. Go back to the previous screen and Close the wizard.
  27. Select Settings (cogwheel button) > My Settings, and select "Asset Manager" in the Role field.
  28. Select OK.
  29. On your Role Center, you should see Assets and Work Orders in the cues.
    1. If no data are available, please refresh data by selecting the arrow-down next to the Assets and Work Orders cues at the top of the screen, and Refresh Data.
    2. Note that data are automatically refreshed on an hourly basis.

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