Create and manage items in D365BC


You create and manage items in D365BC to track item consumption in your company.

In EAM-BC, items can be set up as Maintenance Items on Assets. This ensures use of the correct items / spare parts on your Assets. One Asset can be related to several Maintenance Items, and one Maintenance Item can be used by several Assets.


Dynaway EAM (EAM-BC) is installed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC).

Maintenance Manager

Create Items

In D365BC, you create an item card for each item required to maintain Assets and other types of equipment in your company. Each item must be set up properly. How to create and manage items is described in Microsoft documentation (refer to links below).

It is important that you manage and configure item information on a continuous basis, to ensure that item data is always updated. Items may be used in the standard D365BC app, for example when creating purchase orders or purchase requisitions. You can also use items in EAM-BC.

Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn how to create and manage items in D365BC.

When you have created items in D365BC, mark the items to be used as spare parts on Assets as Maintenance Items in EAM-BC. For more information about Maintenance Items, refer to Dynaway documentation: Items / Spare Parts on Assets.

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