Dynaway EAM integrates with manufacturing processes in Manufacturing for Business Central.


Manufacturing is a separate functionality in Business Central used to produce Items. Dynaway EAM-BC can connect with Manufacturing by linking it to Work Centers and Machine Centers.

Dynaway EAM connects our Maintenance Assets with Machine Center or Work Center in Manufacturing. This further allows Dynaway EAM to integrate with Manufacturing through manufacturing processes such as Production Orders and Production Order cards.

Dynaway Manufacturing makes it possible for workers to raise Maintenance Requests for assets and to register Counter and Measurement Readings inside the Manufacturing module.

Dynaway EAM - BC Manufacturing integration illustrated
Dynaway EAM - BC Manufacturing integration illustrated
  • Business Central Premium license with Manufacturing.
  • Dynaway Enterprise license for EAM-BC.
  • Dynaway EAM Manufacturing is installed separately from AppSource.

Why is this useful?

For a production planner is makes sense to keep the maintenance team close by making it easy for your workers to request assistance from the maintenance team. You also want to ensure that readings such as running hours, vibrations, temperature, and humidity are used when deciding how to prioritize your maintenance efforts.

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure high uptimes so that the planned production can be carried out without disturbance.

Feature overview

Feature in the Dynaway Manufacturing module include:

  • Connect Maintenance Asset with Work Center and Machine Center.
  • Register Counter, Measurement and Request from manufacturing module.
  • Inform manufacturing planner that it is required to do the maintenance and production cannnot be planned.
  • Automatically register Counter registration based on production order consumption.

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