Register Asset Downtime

Create maintenance service windows on production equipment and register Asset Downtime from Manufacturing in Business Central.


Registering Asset Downtime is about creating downtimes in EAM that appear as scheduled downtime in Manufacturing. The purpose is to get better organization of Manufacturing and Maintenance.

The high-level concept is to create an empty Production Order that will be visible for manufacturing team to inform Manufacturing that Maintenance needs a service window ("don't plan any production on these dates", "consider changing Production Orders in this period"). Downtime functions as a kind of connector between Manufacturing and EAM. Maintenance can now organize maintenance jobs that are connected to Production Orders.

The common flow begins on an Asset or Work Order in EAM where Asset Downtime is created. The Asset Downtime will now trigger a Production Order in Manufacturing to reserve a service window ("Production on-hold"). The scheduled service window can only be reschedule from EAM / Asset Downtime.

Register downtime FROM the manufacturing module is not supported.

Dynaway Manufacturing - Downtime integration
Dynaway Manufacturing - Downtime integration

Create Asset Downtime

Performing maintenance often requires coordination with Production.
EAM can create a Production Order that blocks a timeslot on the Work or Machine Center.

Track production downtime

The Manufacturing module for Dynaway EAM allows tighter integration between the maintenance and production functions and processes.

Creating downtime for an asset allows the Asset Manager to track availability of the Work Center and Machine Center. Manufacturing planner will be notified that the machine is down and can use this as a service window to perform awaiting work orders during the downtime period.

On the maintenance-side, it is possible to book an asset for maintenance - and on the manufacturing-side, the production planner and operators are informed about the scheduled maintenance work.

Asset Downtime puts Work Center or Machine Center in Out Of Service

  • Downtime Entries list shows Production on Hold
  • Downtime Entries list shows Related to No.
  • Related Maintenance Production Order can be open from this list.

Put production on-hold

Downtime can be used to put production on-hold.

  • When creating Downtime manually (requires that the asset is connected to Work Center or Machine Center).
  • When creating Work Order in Worksheet it is possible to define if Downtime created from Work Order Plan puts the production on hold (requires that the asset is connected to Work Center or Machine Center).
  • When production is on hold the Production Order in the defined status is created. The time should be the same as Asset Downtime starting and ending.

Downtime Entries list

Production on Hold and the Related to No. are visible on the Downtime Entries list.
Related Maintenance Production Order can be open from this list.

Close Downtime

When closing Asset Downtime, the Production Order is deleted.

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