Measurement Registration

Create and manage Measurement Readings, which are used in Work Order Plans to create reactive maintenance Work Orders


Measurements are readings regarding, for example, vibrations, temperature and air quality, made in a specific area like a production hall or by a production line. Measurements relate to the Assets installed in the area.


You have set up Measurement equipment and the units used on Measurement equipment.

Maintenance Manager, Technician

Register a Measurement Reading

You can register a Measurement reading on the Measurements screen or on an Asset Card.

  1. On your role center, select Measurements > Measurements > select the Measurement line > Register Reading, or on an Asset Card, select Related > Asset Measurements > Register Reading.
  2. Select a Posting Date.
  3. Enter the measurement value in the Reading Value field.
  4. Select Yes to save the registration.

You can make register multiple Measurement readings at the same time in the Measurement Journal.

Organize Measurements by Category

Measurement Categories allow grouping measurements by type of measurement such as Temperature, Humidity, and Vibration to make working with many measurements faster and more accurate.

Measurement Category can be assigned on the Measurements list and on the Measurement card, and is shown on the Asset Measurement page.

Measurement comes with some limitations:

  1. Unit of Measure of the Measurement cannot be changed once category is assigned.
  2. Once readings exist and the category has a different unit of measure, Measurement Category cannot change.
  3. Once readings exist, the assigned Measurement Category cannot be removed.

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