Setup required for working with Measurement Registrations


Set up Measurement Units and the Equipment to be used for Measurement Readings.

Maintenance Manager

Set Up Measurement Units

Set up the units to be used on your Measurement equipment. Examples are metric units, Fahrenheit, and Pascal.

  1. On your role center, select Work Orders Setup > Measurement Units.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter the Measurement Code.
  4. Enter the Measurement Name. Leave the field to save the changes.

Set Up Measurement Equipment

Set up the Measurement equipment used in your production facility and add Assets to the equipment.

Examples of Measurement equipment are vibration sensors, thermometers, and air quality sensors. One Asset can be related to several pieces of Measurement equipment

  1. On your role center, select Measurements > Measurements.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter Measurement No. and Name.
  4. Select the Measurement unit in the Unit of Measure Code field.
  5. Define the accepted range for the Measurement in the Minimum Allowed Value and Maximum Allowed Value field. Depending on the Measurement unit, only one of the values may be relevant.
  6. Select the "0" link in the Asset Count field to open the Assets Measurements screen. Here you add the Assets you want to relate to the Measurement equipment.
  7. Select New on the Asset Measurements screen.
  8. In the Asset No. field, select an Asset. When you leave the line or close the screen, the other fields on the line are automatically updated.
  9. Repeat step 7-8 for all the Assets you want to add to the selected Measurement.
  10. When you return to the Measurements screen, press F5 to update screen. The number of Assets added to the Measurement is shown in the Asset Count field.

Creating a Measurement

Data Requirements

  1. At least one Measurement Unit exists.

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The user can create a new Measurement.

Set up External Document Number in the Measurement Journal

Set up External Document Number in the Measurement Journal (Measurement Devices)

Measurement Device Setup

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