Assign Requests

Assign Maintenance Requests to a Maintenance Employee or Maintenance Group


Assign a Maintenance Request to a specific employee or a group, for example, electricians, or the team responsible for working on maintenance jobs on a specific work center.


Maintenance Requests have been created.

Maintenance Manager

Assign Maintenance Requests

When you create a Maintenance Request, you select a Maintenance Request Type. The Maintenance Request is automatically assigned to the user set up as the Default User on the Maintenance Request Type. Refer to Test Case Section Create Maintenance Request Type for a step-by-step procedure on how to set up Maintenance Request Types.

You can assign a Maintenance Request to another user, if required.

On your Role Center, select Maintenance Requests, or search for and select the Maintenance Requests List.

  • In the Maintenance Requests list, select the link in the No. column for the Maintenance Request you want to assign to a specific user.
  • On the Maintenance Request Card, select a user or group in the Assigned To field.

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