Getting Started

Setup required for working with the Scheduling Board


Scheduling Board Setup describes the setup tasks to be completed before you can work with the Scheduling Board in EAM-BC.


You have installed and set up Enterprise Asset Management (EAM-BC) for Business Central. You have downloaded the Dynaway Scheduling Board app from Microsoft AppSource.

The Scheduling Board requires a separate EAM-BC license.

Sysadmin, Partner Consultant

License Requirements

In EAM-BC, a separate license is required for the Scheduling Board. In addition to the license fee, you pay a monthly fee for each user who has access to the Scheduling Board.

Set up Access

The Scheduling Board is used by Maintenance Planners or Maintenance Managers to schedule Work Orders to Asset Technicians.

The Planners or Managers who are going to use the Scheduling Board module must be set up as Maintenance Employees who have access to the module. Refer to the article Maintenance Employees / Users to learn how to set up a user as a Maintenance Employee with access to the Scheduling Board module.

Users and Permission Sets

In D365BC, individual employees or a group of employees can be set up as a user. Permission sets are added to each user. Permission sets define which data the user has access to and whether the user is allow to read, edit, and delete data.

Refer to the User Management section for information about the users and permission sets required for Maintenance Employees in EAM-BC.

When you set up users to work with the Scheduling Board in EAM-BC, the following permission sets are required.

Permission Sets for EAM Scheduler

Users working as EAM Schedulers in the Scheduling Board module must be set up as Maintenance Employees in EAM-BC, and they require the following permission sets on their User Card:

Permission Set Name
D365 BASIC Dynamics 365 Basic access

EAM Schedulers have access to the Scheduling Board module and work with scheduling Work Orders to Asset Technicians or other employees.

Set Up Work Types

A Work Type may include a color code, which is used to visually identify the Work Type of a Work Order when you work with Work Order scheduling on the Scheduling Board. 20 color codes are available for Work Types.

Refer to the article Work Types to learn more about Work Type setup and how to add color codes to Work Types.

Scheduling Board Setup

The Scheduling Board comes with a default setup of tooltips for Resources and Work Orders. Changes to this setup should only be done by System Administrators or other employees familiar with advanced setup in D365BC.

  • Search for and select "Scheduling Board Setup" to open the card.
  • If you make changes to the label and tooltip data shown on the Scheduling Board, you can always return to the default setup by selecting the Restore Defaults button.
  • Select the Set Work Type Colors button if you want to edit Work Types Setup.

The Scheduling Board Setup card is divided in three sections:

  • Resource Information: Hover over a resource in the left side of the Scheduling Board, or a block visualizing booked capacity in the calendar area, to see the related tooltip.
  • Unscheduled Work Information: Expand a date in the Unscheduled Work section on the right side of the screen on the Scheduling Board, then hover over a Work Order to see the related tooltip. This part of the setup can be configured for a Work Order with a resource line as well as a Work Order with no resource line.
  • Allocation Information: Hover over a scheduled Work Order in the calendar area on the Scheduling Board to see the related tooltip. If you want to view information about skills related to the Work Order, it can be setup in the Scheduling Board Setup. You can be notified if a resource is missing the required skill for a Work Order - see the documentation for Skill-based Planning on how to set it up.

The screenshots below show tooltip examples on the Scheduling Board.

Tooltips: Resource and Allocation Information
Tooltips: Resource and Allocation Information
Tooltip: Unscheduled Work Information
Tooltip: Unscheduled Work Information
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