Checklist Setup

Setup required for working with Checklists


This section describes setup tasks to be completed before you can work with Checklists in EAM-BC.


You have installed and set up Enterprise Asset Management (EAM-BC) for Business Central.

Sysadmin, Partner Consultant

Set Up Number Series

You must set up a number sequence for automatic numbering in the Dynaway Forms module. Checklists are created in Dynaway Forms, which is a separate module included when you purchase the Dynaway EAM app (EAM-BC) or the Dynaway Safe Work app.

  1. On your role center, search for and select Forms Setup.
  2. In the Form Template Nos. field, select a number sequence for Form Templates.

Create Checklist Categories

You set up categories to be used on your Checklists. Categories are created in the Dynaway Forms module because Checklists are created as Form Templates in the Forms module.

You select a Type for each Checklist Category, depending on the purpose of the category. Get an overview of available types in the table below.

Type Usage
General Used for Forms that are not used as Checklists.
Work Order Checklist Used for Work Order Checklists.
Asset Transfer Checklist Used for Checklists in Asset Transfer.
Permit To Work Used for Checklists in Safe Work > Permit to Work.
Inspection Checklist Used for Checklists in Safe Work > Inspection Round.

Examples of Checklist Categories:

  • Clean work area before work
  • Clean work area after work
  • Before Shipment (for Asset Transfer)
  • After Shipment (for Asset Transfer)
  • General inspection - before/after work (for example, accoding to internal or external work procedures)
  • Safety inspection - before/after work (for example, according to specific standards or regulations)

Refer to the test case below for step-by-step instructions on how to create a Checklist Category.

Creating a Checklist Category

Steps 5

  1. On your role center, search for and select Form Template Categories.

  2. In the Form Template Categories list, select New in the ribbon.

  3. Enter a Code for the category.

  4. Enter a Description for the category.

  5. In the Type field, select a Category Type, depending on which type of Checklist you are going to use the Checklist Category for. Available options:

    - General
    - Work Order Checklist
    - Asset Transfer Checklist
    - Permit To Work
    - Inspection Checklist


The user can create a Form Template Category.

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