Work Order Round Setup

Setup required for working with Rounds


Use Rounds to create Work Orders (Round Orders) that include several Assets. This is useful if you want to carry out regular inspection of a number of Assets located in the same building and/or Assets with the same category.


Setup regarding Assets and Work Orders is completed.

Sysadmin, Maintenance Manager

License Requirements

The Rounds module is included in the free starter license as well as the paid EAM-BC license plans.

Refer to the Manage EAM-BC Licenses article for more information on standard EAM-BC licenses.

Users and Permission Sets

Managers require the "DAM EAM Manager" permission set in their user setup to be able to work with and manage Rounds. That permission set is included in the standard permission setup for an Asset Manager.

Refer to the User Management section to learn more about Roles, Users, and Permissions in EAM-BC.

Set Up Number Series

You must set up number series for automatic numbering in the Rounds module.

  1. On your role center, select Assets Setup > Asset Management Setup, or search for and select Asset Management Setup.
  2. On the Numbering FastTab, select number series in these fields:
    1. Round Plan Nos.
    2. Round Order Nos.
    3. Posted Round Order Nos.

For more information about Asset Managment setup, refer to the article Asset Management Setup.

Work Order Setup

When you create a Round Plan, you select a Priority Code and a Category Code on the plan.

Refer to these articles

for information on how to set up Priorities and Categories.

Location Setup

When you create a Round Plan, you can select a Location Code on the plan (optional). That location is used to indicate a warehouse location in case items (spare parts) required for the Assets selected on the Round Plan are taken from that location.

Refer to the article Asset Locations for information on how to set up locations.

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