Warranty Basics

Introduction to warranty agreements

In Enterprise Asset Management, you can set up warranty terms that can be connected to an object or an object type. Warranty terms are created for a specific period. Warranty can be set up to provide full coverage or partial coverage, and you can set up terms to relate to hours, expenses, and items. Furthermore, you can also define specific items that are not covered by the warranty.

First step is to set up the vendor warranty agreements that you may have on your equipment, which is described in this section. Next, you attach warranty agreements to objects or object types, which is described in the following section. Vendor warranty agreements are only used for information purposes. If vendor warranty is set up on the object, you can see the warranty coverage period on the object.

Create warranty agreements

A warranty agreement may include several agreement lines covering warranty for work hours, expenses, items, as well as a list of items that may not be included in the warranty.

  1. Click Enterprise asset management > Setup > Objects > Warranty.
  2. Click New to create a new product.
  3. Insert a warranty ID in the Warranty field and a description in the Name field.
  4. Select warranty type in the Vendor field.
  5. In the Objects field, you see the number of active objects that use the warranty agreement.
  6. On the Hour warranty and Item warranty FastTabs, you add the lines to be included in the agreement pertaining to hours or items. Steps 7-10 explain how to fill out the lines.
  7. Click Add line to add a new condition to the warranty. A sequential line number is automatically inserted in the Line field.
  8. Select a period type for the warranty period in the Period field.
  9. Insert an interval in the Interval field. This number defines how many periods the warranty should be valid for.
  10. In the Percent field, insert the coverage percentage for the warranty line. The percentage indicates how much is covered by your company.
  11.  If some items should be excluded from the warranty agreement, you can create a list of those items on the Chargeable items FastTab. Click Add line, and select the item that should not be covered by the warranty in the Item number field.

Warranty details
Warranty details
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