Cost control

The Cost control workspace is intended for users who work with and manage cost analysis. Data shown in this workspace are based on costs registered on:

In Enterprise Asset Management, you can calculate costs to get an overview of actual costs compared to budget costs and committed costs on objects, functional locations, or work orders. You can read more about cost control calculations for functional locations, objects, and work orders in the Cost and Date Control section.

The Cost control workspace has several views (tabs) that provide different insights into your Enterprise asset management costs. At the end of this article, you see two screenshots as examples, one with focus on periods (Time view tab), and one showing costs by object type (Object view tab).

The Cost control workspace is based on Microsoft Embedded Power BI technology.

To learn more about the setup and use of Microsoft Embedded Power BI, refer to Microsoft resources:

Cost control workspace: Time view
Cost control workspace: Object view