Getting started

Get access to your items when you work in an offline area


When the Mobile Client is online, you can request item information, allowing you to see inventory status and create item registrations when the Mobile Client is offline.


The Offline inventory module is available on the Mobile Client.

Maintenance Manager, Technician

Offline inventory access

Before you can start working on the Mobile Client, you must first sign in.

When you've signed in, you see the start screen.

  • From the start screen, select Inventory to go to the Offline inventory screen.
  • If you start from the Work order lists screen, or another screen you may have opened, select 'Open main menu' and Inventory to go to the Offline inventory screen. The Offline inventory screen is your work area for downloading inventory for offline use.
  • Select 'Open main menu' if you want to sign out of the Mobile Client app, or if you want to switch between the modules available on the Mobile Client. Depending on the Mobile Client setup, not all modules shown in the screenshot below may be available to you.
  • Select 'Open main menu' and the company logo if you want to return to the start screen.

Work order lists screen
Work order lists screen
Mobile client navigation
Mobile client navigation

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