Close Risk Assessment

Close a Risk Assessment

When a Risk Assessment is no longer applicable, you update the status to "Inactive" to close it. This means that all relations to assigned instances are automatically deleted. This approach is useful to avoid outdated Risk Assessments in EAM-BC.

Note: When a Risk Assessment has status "Inactive", you can revert the status to "Open". This may be relevant if, at a later time, you want to update and reuse the Risk Assessment and assign new instances to it.

Refer to the test case below for a step-by-step procedure on how to close a Risk Assessment.

Closing a Risk Assessment

Data Requirements

  1. At least one Risk Assessment exists.

Steps 4

  1. On the Safe Work role center, select Risk Assessments.

  2. Optional: If you are on another role center, search for and select "Risk Assessments".

  3. In the Risk Assessments list, select a link in the Nos. field to open the card.

  4. In the ribbon, select Release > Set Inactive.

    The Status field is automatically updated to "Inactive".


The user can update Risk Assessment status to "Inactive" to close the Risk Assessment. Relations to any instances are automatically deleted.

Risk Assessment info on Posted Work Orders

When the Work Order is posted, the active risks are copied to Posted Work Order. The Posted Work Order card makes it possible to see historical risk hazards and precautions that were active during execution of the Work Order. This allows seeing what Hazards and Precautions were active at the time each Work Order was carried out.

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