Setup required for working with Tagout


This section describes setup tasks to be completed before you can use Tagout in your maintenance department.

Tagout is a safety procedure to ensure that maintenance work can be carried out in a safe way in a work area. In our Tagout module you can maintain tasks and workflows related to this kind of safety work.

When you purchase the Dynaway Safe Work app, the Tagout module is included in the Dynaway Safe Work license. The Safe Work app fully integrates with EAM-BC.


You have installed and set up Enterprise Asset Management (EAM-BC) for Business Central.

You have purchased and downloaded the Dynaway Safe Work app from Microsoft AppSource.

Sysadmin, Partner Consultant

Set Up Number Series

You must set up number sequences for automatic numbering of Tagouts.

  1. On your role center, search for "safe work" and select Safe Work Setup.
  2. In the Tagout Nos. field, select a number sequence for Tagouts.

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