Getting started

Setup for working with tagout


Setup describes the tasks to be completed before you can use tagouts in your maintenance department. Tagout is a safety measure to ensure that maintenance work can be carried out in a safe way in all work areas.


The Dynaway Safe Work module is installed in Asset management.


License configuration

The Tagout functionality in the Safe Work module requires specific setup regarding license configuration.

  1. Select System administration > Setup > License configuration.
  2. Select Dynaway Safe Work.
  3. If Dynaway Safe Work does not have a check mark, an import of the license key is required.
  4. Ensure that the Tagout configuration key check box is marked.

Security roles

The Tagout functionality in the Safe Work module comes with two security roles: Tagout manager and Tagout user.

The Tagout manager is responsible for creating tagouts and assigning them to work orders that require safety measures to be taken to ensure a safe work environment. Privileges set up for the Tagout manager role:

  • Create and approve tagouts
  • Change 'Assigned to' on tagouts
  • View tagouts
  • View event history

The Tagout user is the worker who mounts tagouts in the work area before maintenance work is started and dismounts tagouts when maintenance work is completed. Privilege set up for the Tagout user role:

  • Edit tagouts (install and remove)

Refer to Microsoft Documentation to learn more about security configuration in D365FO: Security architecture.

Number sequences

You can set up a number sequence for automatic numbering of tagouts. This setup is optional but without it, users must add tagout IDs manually when they create tagouts.

  1. In Asset managment, select Setup > Safe work parameters.
  2. In Number sequences, select the Tagout reference.
  3. Select a number sequence in the Number sequence code field.

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