Manage Lockouts thru mobile app

There is a possibility to manage your lockouts and tagouts via Dynaway Lockout Tagout Power App.

You can connect your Business Central environment with your Power Apps environment, install the app from App Source on your Power Apps environment, share with other users in your organization, and take advantage of managing lockouts from your tablet. You can find detailed instructions about the installation process [here|].

After logging in to the app, you have 2 options, you can create New Lockout/Tagout or open lockouts Assigned to Me.  !image-2023-04-12-11-53-54-623.png|width=736,height=1178!

The first option allows creating a new lockout/tagout for a single Lockout Point. !image-2023-04-12-11-59-53-438.png|width=732,height=1171!

You can scan a barcode on the Lockout Point to fill the Lockout Point No. field or just select it from the dropdown menu. Then you can specify Work Order No. to which the newly created Lockout should be connected, this is optional. Next, you have to specify the Planned End Date by selecting the date and time. You can also add Remarks if it's necessary. After specifying Lockout Point and Planned End Date you can create and at the same time lock the lockout. On the list of Assigned to Me lockouts it will be shown as locked. !image-2023-04-12-12-02-39-996.png|width=730,height=1168!

After locking the newly created lockout, you will see a confirmation, that the lockout has been locked. You can also Print Tag for the created lockout if you have a printer set up in your Business Central company or you can directly create another lockout by selecting Create New. 

When you select Assigned to Me from the Home screen, a list of all lockouts assigned to you and with Approved status will be shown. You can select a view of All assigned lockouts, ready To be locked or ready To be unlocked.  !image-2023-04-12-13-05-24-168.png|width=727,height=1163!

After selecting a lockout, its' card will be opened with details and a list of lockout points. You have to select each of the lockout points to be able to lock (or unlock) the lockout. On the lockout card, you can see the option for printing a tag, represented as a Printer button next to the description of the lockout.

After successfully locking up the lockout, you will see a confirmation, similar to the one after creating a new lockout. You will also be able to Print Tag, go to the Home screen, or just go back to the list of Assigned to Me lockouts.

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