Asset Transfer Entries

Every time, when Asset Transfer is being processed - the proper entry is created in the Asset Transfer Entry table.

Proper permissions (Read, Insert, Modify) added to Asset Manager and Asset Technician permission set.

Proper permissions (Read) added to EAM Read permission set.

Asset Transfer Entries list.

List contains:

  • posting date
  • document number
  • event type
  • document type (hidden)
  • asset no.
  • asset description
  • asset location code
  • direct posting (boolean)
  • entry no.

Direct transfer is creating two entries - shipment and receipt.

In transit transfer is creating four entries:

  • shipment from location
  • receipt for in-transit location
  • shipment from in-transit location
  • receipt for location

Asset Transfer Entries can be open from 'Tell Me'

Button to open related Asset Transfer Document added to Asset Transfer Entries

Button to open related Asset Transfer Entries added to Asset Card

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