Create Maintenance Budgets

There is a possibility to create a maintenance budget with the proper setup.

In given example the budget is set up for:

  • Assets
  • Asset Categories
  • Asset Locations
  • Work Order Categories
  • Maintenance Type
  • four dimensions

All setup depends on expectations and needs of the user.

The whole Maintenance Budget card is similar to the standard BC Budget card.

By entering any value in the Matrix - the user has a possibility to specify details of the entry.

When the user enter a value and confirm it by pressing enter - the Edit - Budget Entry Update will open.

Here the user can specify the entry. He can add locations, categories and all other needed data.

He can also add item and expense costs, but because the budget card was showing only Resource Costs - this value is added automatically based on the given entry.

Additional (BC) dimensions can also be used.

The user can specify if the budget cost is for corrective/preventive work.

All above can be specified based on the setup of the budget.

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