Assign form to the asset

There has been added a new type to Form Templates Category called Asset Form.

It is installed automatically when the app is installed.

From Asset Card, Asset List, and From Asset Tree, it is possible to open the Forms related to the Asset.

On the page it is possible to create a Form related to Asset, view all completed forms related to the asset. Additionally, it is possible to see the completed work order checklists that have been filled for the asset. 

If the Safe Work Module is installed on the page there are shown the inspection forms that have been completed for the asset.

Related documents (Work Order, Posted Work Order, Inspection, etc.) can be open from this page.

The form which needs to be completed can be open from this page.

All completed forms can be checked from this page - to inspect given answers.

Note: completed checklists and inspections work only for new records. If there is any old data with completed checklists/inspections in the system - it will not be shown in the asset forms.

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