Posting Job Usage for items and resources from Work Order

Possibility to post consumption with jobs on Work Orders and Round Orders.

Job No., Job Task No., Job Line Type, and Job Planning Line No. field is added to the Work Order Journal as hidden field - can be added by personalization.

All lines filled with proper data will be posted to Jobs (via Job Journal).

The user must specify at least Job No, Job Task No. and Job Line Type. If Job Planning Line No. for this record exists - it can be also specified. If not - the new Job Planning Line will be created. The behavior of this functionality is the same as it works on the Purchase Order with Jobs.

It works the same for Resources, Items and Expenses.

Expenses has one exception: It can not be used for Expenses with the Resource Type.

After posting.

The proper data is added to:

Work Order Ledger Entries - fields Job No. and Job Task No. are hidden

Job Ledger Entries - field Work Order No. is hidden

Relevant Job Planning Lines

Time Sheet (when the consumed Resource is using Time Sheets) - created record has Maintenance Type

Posted Work Order - all data from the Work Order is transferred to the Posted Work Order.

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