What's New

Bug fix where duplicate import messages were added after import and process of file.

Fix ensures that when user updates image for object in D365FO web client, then image for this object is updated and visible correctly in mobile client as well.

Adjustment of Import message log overview. Only Message text header and message details are displayed on message log grid instead whole message text.

Performance improvements have been introduced for "Create functional location" form.

This functionality introduces a concept of work order kits. A work order kit is a collection of items needed for one or more work orders. A kit can be prepared by either maintenance workers or warehouse staff who prepare kits for pickup by maintenance workers. In general, the purpose of a work order kit is to pick-and-collect items required for one or several work orders.

It is possible now to change object type on multiple selected objects.

It is now possible to send to printer and print Work Order attachments using work order report.

It is now possible to send work order report to printer from new menu item on work order form.

Performance improvements have been introduced when opening work order details form on following menu items displaying work order lines: "All work order lines", "Active work order lines", "Active work order lines not scheduled", "My functional location work order lines".

New feature "Dynaway - Performance improvements for job type setup form" has been introduced in "Feature management" workspace. After enabling it all display fields are moved in "Job type setup" form from main grid to the "Related information" section in the right, which significantly improves performance for this form.

Setting up key sets allows import file with multiple records in one file line.

New functionality which displays selected import messages.

New functionality that allows to set up prefix padding characters and suffix padding characters for string keys.

New time format 'HHMMSS' (H - Hours, M- Minutes, S- Seconds) with file structure validation which will prevent use of unsupported date formats.

This issue fixes problem with automatic creation of work orders when scheduling maintenance sequences in which "Only one work order" checkbox has been checked.

There has been fixed a problem that "Import message types" form is opened in details mode (not in grid mode) when there is only one import message type configured in legal entity.

There has been fixed a bug regarding fact that when user uploads twice the file in the same "Import manually" dialog (without closing it), then after second upload "OK" button becomes disabled without possibility to proceed with manual import of uploaded file.

Index on "EAM BI Person names" ("MROBIDirPersonNameEntity") data entity and its related staging table ("MROBIDirPersonNameStaging") has been disabled which allows to export successfully data to Azure database using BYOD approach in newer Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations versions.

When modifying "File structure" field of an existing "Import message type" record, a confirmation dialog will be shown if "File structure" is configured.

New notification when maintenance sequences or rounds that covers object changes after change of object type.

There has been fixed error "The multi-part identifier could not be bound" on "Read folder" and "Archive folder" controls when manual changing values in these controls.

Width for "Read Folder" and "Archive Folder" controls (and their lookup's column) in "Import message types" form has been increased so that it is easier to set up long folder names there.

It provides a possibility to configure whether to show or not the object tree.

New fields were set as mandatory for import message type including: Process class, Import class, Import source.

Default suggestion for actual start or end will now use scheduled or expected if values are in the past, otherwise the default will be current date and time. Meaning that if scheduled or expected has a future date and time, current date and time will be used.

Fixed bug in which 'CounterTotal' fixed key set to 'Yes' did not calculate correctly counter value.

Fixed bug in which details of 'Import messages' form was open instead grid.

Fixed, date type for specification types are now mandatory.

Fixed length for description for the data entity. Values were cut off.

When opening criticalities from an object and a new criticality combination is created, the object value is now populated with the selected object.

Fix ensures that when user creates in mobile client work order from request with "Schedule to me" option enabled, then stage of this work order is updated and displayed correctly on the request.

Fixed issue in which work order was created from calendar line with lowest interval instead calendar line with closest expected date.

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