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Electronic signatures are a regulations compliance requirement for several regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and aerospace and defense. They are also required for compliance with regulations in 21 CFR Part 11 that was issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

Dynaway Electronic Signature enables electronic signature for selected maintenance processes. An electronic signature confirms the identity of a person who is about to start or approve a computing process. In some industries, an electronic signature is as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

You can use Electronic signature on maintenance checklists when you are working with counter values, and you can view all signatures on the maintenance checklist type measurement.


You have a Dynaway Electronic Signature license from Dynaway.

Enable the Functionality

To make sure that the Signature overview functionality is enabled, go to:

  1. License - Make sure that the following licenses are imported to your environment:
    1. Dynaway Electronic Signature (DynESAM)
  2. Configuration keys - Enable the following:
    1. Dynaway Electronic Signature (DynESAM)
  3. Features - Enable the following:
    1. N/A
  4. Security Roles - To provide our users with a more granular level of access control, assign the following to F&O system users:
    1. View permission: Maintenance manager and Maintenance clerk.
    2. Managing permission: N/A

View Signature Overview

To view signatures on maintenance checklists of the type measurement, go to:

  1. Asset management > Inquires > Electronic signature> Maintenance checklist.
  2. A dialog opens which shows all the electronic signatures that have been generated by modifying the value in the 'Counter value' field for work order maintenance job checklist of the 'Measurement' type.

Signature overview.
Signature overview.

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