Manage Offline Inventory

Download inventory and create item registrations offline


You can use offline item information to create item forecasts and item registrations. This is useful if you work on maintenance jobs in remote areas with limited or no internet coverage. For example, the offline inventory can be used in a remote warehouse or as a stock list in your service van.

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Get Started with Offline Inventory

The Offline inventory screen is your work area for downloading a part of the inventory for offline use.

Before you can start working on the Mobile Client, you must first sign in.

When you've signed in, you see the start screen showing work order lists.

  • Select the 'More' button in the menu at the bottom to go to the main menu.
  • Select Offline inventory to start working with Offline inventory.
  • Depending on the Mobile Client setup, not all modules shown in the screenshot below may be available to you.

Opening the main menu from the 'More' button.
Opening the main menu from the 'More' button.
The main menu.
The main menu.


In order to enable the module, the module configuration Work execution > Work orders > Item offline inventory must be enabled.

On the mobile client, you can set up the site, warehouse, and location which a part of the inventory should be taken from.

  1. Select either of the two Set storage dimensions buttons seen in screenshot 01 below.
  2. Then select the storage dimensions to use and click on Get inventory to start downloading the items. See screenshot 02.
  3. Once downloaded, the overview of items can be seen and you're ready to start searching in the offline inventory. See screenshot 03.


Use Offline Inventory

When you've set up which items should be in your offline inventory, and the device is offline, searching will automatically search in the available offline items.

If your device is online, you can still search in your offline inventory by selecting the switch My Inventory. When the offline inventory module is enabled, this switch is also available when searching for Items.

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