Manage Offline Inventory

Download inventory and create item registrations offline


You can use offline item information to create item forecasts and item registrations. This is useful if you work on maintenance jobs in remote areas with limited or no internet coverage. For example, the offline inventory can be used in a remote warehouse or as a stock list in your service van.


The Offline inventory module is available on the Mobile Client.

Maintenance Manager, Technician

Download Inventory

  1. When the Mobile Client is online, select Inventory on the start screen.
  2. On the Offline inventory screen, select the 'More' button and Edit inventory location.
  3. On the Get inventory screen, select Site as a minimum. If required, you can also select Warehouse and Location to locate the items you want to download for offline use.
  4. Select the Get inventory button to download the inventory from the selected inventory location. When the items are downloaded, information regarding the latest download (last synchronization date) and number of items downloaded is shown on the screen.
  5. Select the 'More' button and Offline inventory to see a list of the downloaded items. Dimensions as well as product images related to the items are shown.
    1. If you downloaded many items, you can select the search button and search for an item in the list, to ensure that it has been downloaded.
  6. Now, you can create item consumption registrations offline, using items from the offline inventory.
    1. Refer to section Work on a work order for instructions on how to create item registrations on a work order job.
  7. When the Mobile Client is online again, item consumption registrations are automatically transferred to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

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