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  1. This manual is based on the Mobile Am installation guide.
  2. If you're looking for more details like Azure app service and app registrations please visit:

Steps 9

  1. Download the Dynaway Solution Package from your LCS Project.

    Save the package on your drive.

  2. Unzip and modify the zip file content.

    The web configuration files are in the "msam" folder, inside the zip.

  3. Azure App Registrations and App Service

    Create New or use existing Azure App Registration to get Value
    b) Create New or use existing Azure App Service to add or create new FTP localization for the Dynaway Web App

    If you want to use existing App registration, paste the the ID value from Azure to the web config file.

  4. Make changes in Azure App Service:

    a) Create a new folder on the FTP server
    b) Add paths of Planning board localisation files:
    Go to Azure Subscription -> your App Service -> Setting Tab -> Configuration -> Path mappings
    c) Update the URLs in App Registrations
    your App reg -> Manage Tab -> Authentication

  5. Upload the webapp root files.

    Upload files to your new localization for Planning board on the FTP server.

  6. Verify the webapp content.

    Open the URL of your Azure App Service

  7. Deploy Planning board models to your D365 environment.

    a) Go to LCS -> Your Project -> Asset library -> Software Deployable Package and download the Dynaway_AAM package.
    b) Make an ISV license package or add the license file to your deployable package or
    c) Make an All-In-One package if you have other customizations and add ISV license txt file or
    d) Add models and license files into your DevOps repository.

  8. Assign access to user account.

    Go to Dynaway mobile -> Setup -> Module configuration and open "Asset management -> Planning board.
    Add an entry to the "Enabled" setting.

  9. Refresh URL of the webapp.

    After the user setup, you may use incognito mode to refresh the webapp.

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