User Setup

In D365BC, individual employees or a group of employees can be set up as a user. Permission sets are added to each user. Permission sets define which data the user has access to and whether the user is allow to read, edit, and delete data.

Refer to the User Setup section for information about the users and permission sets required for working with the Safe Work module in EAM-BC.

Users who should be able to work with the Entrance Log - accessing the log and creating check-in and check-out registrations for visitors - require the following permission set on their User Card:

Permission Set Name
DAMSW ENTRIES Safe Work Entries

User Licensing

Entrance Log users can be a standard D365BC user as long as the above permission set is added to the User Card.

Entrance Log users are not required to be set up as an EAM-BC user or a Safe Work user.

Refer to Microsoft documentation for information about user setup in standard D365BC:

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