Default Values for Variables

Use default values to fill out checklist variables


Complete checklists quicker by using default values to fill out checklist variables.


For each checklist variable, it's possible to select which of the related values is default. Only one value can be set up as default for a specific checklist variable.

To set up the default values follow these steps:

1. Go to Enterprise asset management > Setup > Work orders > Checklist > Checklist variables.
2. Choose a variable.
3. On the line level of the variable values you have a Default value column. Check the line you want to be set as default value for the specific variable.

The default value will now be automatically checked on your checklist.

Default value column on checklist variable
Default value column on checklist variable

Processing Default Values for Variables

When opening a checklist for a work order, it's possible to choose 'Set and check default values'. This button is only visible if there are checklist variables set up with a default value. Once the process is completed, information will be shown for which and how many checklist lines has been updated. Then the checklist lines will be checked with the default values. When the checklist lines are updated automatically with default variable values, the lines become 'checked', meaning that 'Worker', 'Checked' and 'Date checked' are automatically filled as well.

To fill in a checklist on a work order with default values, please complete the setup and follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Asset Management > Common > Work order > All work orders.
  2. Select a work order with a checklist and navigate to Work order tab > Checklist.
  3. Click the 'Set and check default values' on the checklist line (for the specific line) or on the checklist header (for default values for all lines).

The checklist lines should now be filled out with the default values chosen from your setup.

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