Mandatory Note

Set up notes on checklists as mandatory to fill out


Ensure that important information about objects is kept when workers execute work orders with checklists.

Notes on checklists can be set as mandatory which allows the worker to add any critical information as work is being carried out.

Manage Mandatory Notes

It's possible to set a note as mandatory on a checklist line of the type "Variable", "Text" or "Measurement". This is applicable when creating a checklist from:

  • Job type setup
  • Checklist template
  • Work order line

To set this up, navigate to:

  1. Enterprise Asset Management > Setup > Work orders > Checklists > Checklist templates
  2. Choose a line of the type "Text", "Measurement" or "Variable".
  3. In the line details set the Mandatory note to Yes.

When a user does not put in a note on a checklist line marked with Mandatory Note = Yes, then the system will show the error message: 'Field Note is mandatory'.

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