1. Installation and License

Installation and license management of Dynaway EAM for Business Central


These articles guide you through the necessary steps of:

  • How to install the Dynaway EAM app in a sandbox or production environment in your Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central solution.
  • How to manage and register your EAM-BC license, or get a free license.


You have installed a sandbox or production environment for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central.

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Dynaway EAM (EAM-BC) for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central is an Enterprise Asset Management module for managing Assets and maintenance jobs in Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Business Central (D365BC).

The Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM-BC) is developed by Dynaway and integrates with several modules in D365BC.

EAM-BC allows you to efficiently manage and carry out all tasks related to maintenance and service of many types of equipment (Assets) in your company, for example, work centers, buildings, and other types of production equipment. 

Assets can be created in a hierarchical structure, and they can be related to locations. Maintenance jobs (Work Orders) can be planned at all levels in the Asset hierarchy.

EAM-BC Workflow Overview
EAM-BC Workflow Overview
EAM-BC Roles Overview
EAM-BC Roles Overview

How to Install Dynaway EAM

Dynaway EAM can be installed from Microsoft AppSource and from inside your Business Central installation. Here we cover the first part (installing EAM-BC from Microsoft AppSource).

Before you can install the Dynaway EAM app (EAM-BC), you must first install a D365BC sandbox or production environment in your company. Refer to Microsoft documentation for information on how to install and set up a D365BC environment:

When your D365BC environment is up an running, you are ready to install the Dynaway EAM app.

  1. Log in to your D365BC environment.
  2. Press Alt+Q to open the search field.
  3. Enter "dynaway" in the search field.
  4. Select Dynaway EAM in the list. The Microsoft AppSource website opens.
  5. Select the Get it now button on the Dynaway EAM app.
  6. A pop-up window "Accept the "Permission form Microsoft..." is shown.
  7. Select the check box in the pop-up window, and select Continue.
  8. Select the environment in which you want to install Dynaway EAM.
  9. Select Install.
  10. In the "Extension Installation" window, select the language you want to use in the app, and select Install.
  11. Select OK to the installation message that appears.

See the status of the installation, and allow http requests in Extension Management:

  1. In D365BC, press Alt+Q to open the search field.
  2. Enter "exte" in the search field.
  3. Select Extension Management in search results.
  4. In the Installed Extensions list, select Manage > Deployment Status.
  5. In the Extension Deployment Status list, when the Status field shows "Completed" on the deployment line (this may take a few minutes), Dynaway EAM is successfully installed. You will see the Dynaway EAM extension as "Installed" in the Extension Management list.
  6. In the Extension Management list, select the "Dynaway EAM" extension.
  7. Select Manage > Configure.
  8. Ensure that the Allow HttpClient Requests toggle button is activated (showing green color).

When Dynaway EAM is successfully installed, next step is to register a license for Dynaway EAM. You can get a free trial license or select a paid license.

Dynaway EAM app - installation completed
Dynaway EAM app - installation completed

Manage and Register EAM-BC Licenses

In the Administration module, you set up and maintain license data, such as contact information and number of licensed users.

Dynaway offers different license plans for EAM-BC. Which license plan is most suitable for your business depends on your requirements for number for Users and Assets and additional functionality in EAM-BC.

License information for your EAM-BC solution is managed in Dynaway EAM License Information. To register a license:

  1. In EAM-BC, search for "license".
  2. Select Dynaway EAM License Information. Here you get an overview of system and license information.
  3. Select one of the following options to register/manage your license:
    1. Select the Upload License File button if you already have a license file.
    2. Select the Update License button to acquire a license file.
    3. Select the Register button to register a free license (Starter Plan) of EAM-BC.

A free license (Starter Plan) for EAM-BC includes basic functionality for managing, for example, Users, Assets, Work Orders, Documents, and Dimensions.

View our License Plans here

Note: If you delete your current license, the system automatically reverts to a free license.

The screenshots below shows the Usage and Modules overview. Here you can see which modules you have purchased, including the Licensed Quantity acquired for each module.

Module overview on Dynaway EAM License Information card.
Module overview on Dynaway EAM License Information card.
Usage overview on Dynaway EAM License Information card.
Usage overview on Dynaway EAM License Information card.

License Usage

In Dynaway EAM License Information > Usage section, you see actual usage compared to purchased licenses so that you always have an overview of when you may need to update your license.

You can upload a license file and update your license as you require.

If you experience problems uploading a license file, please reach out to us on our EAM-BC support mail: help@dynaway.com.

Releases and Upgrades

When you have registered a license for Dynaway EAM, you automatically receive an email from us when a new software release is available.

In the email, you are asked to go through a few steps in EAM-BC to update your Dynaway EAM license to the latest release. This approach ensures that you are always using the latest software version, and you don't have to remember looking for new updates. We will provide that information when the next release is available.

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