Asset Locations

You set up Asset Locations to keep track of where your Assets are located. Asset locations may describe:

In your role center > Actions section, select Assets Setup > Asset Locations.

  1. Select the New button.
  2. On the Asset Location Card, enter a Code, which is the unique code for your location.
  3. Enter a Name for the location.
  4. Select a Warehouse Location. The selection of warehouse is the default location from which maintenance items are taken when a Work Order is created. Right now, only locations that don't require shipment, pick, receive, and put-away are supported.
  5. If you use Dynaway Safe Work > Risk Assessment module, you can select a Risk Assessment in the Risk Assessment No. field. This means that the hazards and precautions included in the Risk Assessment will automatically be transferred to a Work Order that uses an Asset with this Asset Location.
    1. If you have selected a Risk Assessment, you can select the Active Risks button to see the list of hazards and precautions that are included in the Risk Assessment.
  6. If the location should be used as a transit location for Asset Transfer, activate the Use As In-Transit toggle button.
  7. Fill out address, gps, and contact information as you require.

Refer to Microsoft documentation to learn more about how to set up warehouse locations in D365BC: Set Up Locations.

You can create and save a filter on an Assets list (on the list select All > Show filter pane) to see a list of Assets on a specific location, for example, "Production Hall 2" and "Production Line 5".

If you use the Safe Work > Tagout module, you can create a Tagout record for the location by selecting the Create Tagout button.